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⚡️ Mazenger Whatsapp Sender Software.
Mazenger Whatsapp Warmer.
MultiSapp Multi Whatsapp Manager.
⚡️ Mazenger Whatsapp Turbo Filter.

Build a Page or a Website:

You should Design or Create Landing Page or Website for the Software, This will guarantee More Sales and More Buyers. We have no conditions on the Landing page or website you are going to do, But at least it should show the Software’s Benefits, Options and Video Demo.
[Our Team Could help Building Such website or Landing page for you if you have no Developer or a Freelancer to do ]

Software Plans

We will not force you to sell the software at any price, You can Control your Pricing and Plans as you wish.

Each time you got a payment from a Client, Keep your profit and Send us our License fee. Then we will Activate license immediately.

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That is a simple pricing strategy where you charge a fixed fee for white labeling Software. To let software Fit as it is yours.

And also to Show some Serious on your Partnership with Us. It is a ONETIME Only Fixed Fees.
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